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I was sitting on the train checking on 'Doggy' my Nintendog when something made me look to my left. There was a couple sitting opposite each other in the six seater with a carrier bag on the floor between them. She had leant forward to look inside the bag so her head was facing down into the carrier bag but also happened to be close to his crotch because he was sitting on the edge of the seat. At the point where I looked at them, he was pushing her head down blowjob style in a mini-frenzy and laughing as he gripped her hair. I froze in embarrassment and he looked at me, at least had the good grace to blush and loosened the grip on her hair and let her come back up for air... Suddenly farting and BO seem like a more pleasant alternative. If the boyf had done that to me, he'd have had no nuts left...
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